The Kapil Sharma Show WON’T get renewed for another year!

Kapil Sharma

It’s largely the top of road for The Kapil Sharma Show. And solely a miracle will save the show from sinking to any extent further. Kapil has tried everything however to no smart results.

Says a supply from the team, “The manufacturers square measure positively not able to pay Rs 107 large integer for a show that is obtaining them nothing. Kapil would possibly negociate however the channel heads square measure appalled. Either Kapil should go back to Sunil and Ali, else his show stands scrapped. The latter is presumably to happen as a result of Grover and Asgar don’t seem to be able to budge from their stand.”

Sunil Grover and Ali Asgar’s absence from the show is cost accounting the manufacturers an enormous add as a result of the TRPs have lordotic below expectations. The show that premiered throughout IPL last year had maintained steady ratings throughout and was even within the prime five shows systematically. Now, it’s not found an area even within the prime ten.

The audience’s reaction to the show has gone for a toss as a result of area unit|they’re} finding jokes humorless and therefore the new characters are creating no distinction. Plus, the failure of TKSS has pushed Sony two spots down among GECs.

This incident solely goes on to point out what conceitedness and certitude will do to somebody. And it does not matter if you’re the regnant star, you may be down in no time. Kapil, you reading this?